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Buy 4D Online in Malaysia | Online 4D Betting

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How to Bet 4D Online in Malaysia

Step 1: Sign in to your NOMBOR4D account. If you do not have an account, you can register a new one.

Step 2: Fill in personal info and submit with the "Register" button.

Step 3: Verify your account in your email.

Step 4: Top up some credits to bet 4D online. Payment methods available: i) Quick Pay (pay directly online), and ii) Manual payments (ATM, CDM, Online Transfer).

Step 5: We recommend paying with "Quick Pay".

Step 6: "Success Transaction" notification will be shown.

Step 7: You can bet 4D online in Malaysia now. Select the date, key in the 4D number and betting amount, and tick the lottery companies.

Step 8: Check if the details are correct and click "Place Bet" button.

Step 9: You will receive an official receipt. That's how to bet 4D online in Malaysia!

Buy 4D Online With NOMBOR4D

Attention lottery players! Online 4D betting is finally available in Malaysia. You can easily buy 4D online now with a free account at NOMBOR4D.

No more long queues at the lottery shops or the fear of losing your tickets. 

Besides that, buying 4D online at NOMBOR4D enables you to:

  • Enjoy prize money that is higher than the market.
  • Access to online betting in Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia 4D.
  • Trusted by over 8,000 members.

Here are many services you can find at NOMBOR4D:

Buying 4D in Store VS Buying 4D Online

Usually, customers will visit licensed 4D stores to buy 4D tickets. However, there are buyers who are short of time to visit a 4D store to place a bet.

To solve this, various websites have been created to help you buy 4D online. For example, NOMBOR4D was launched many years ago.

Through, you can purchase 4D numbers with your smartphone or PC. 

All lottery providers are covered - GD Lotto 4D, Perdana 4D, Magnum 4D, DaMaCai, Sports Toto 4D, STC4D, Sabah88, CashSweep, and even Singapore 4D.

To buy 4D online, you must register an account at NOMBOR4D and top up some credits. Online 4D betting is easier than ever. Good luck!

Buying Grand Dragon Lotto 4D and 4D Perdana Online is Possible Now

Wondering if you can buy Grand Dragon Lotto 4D and 4D Perdana online?

Yes, you can.

It is actually as easy as ABC to buy Perdana 4D as well as Grand Dragon Lotto online. You can do it from your laptop computer or your smartphone. Citizens of Malaysia and also Singapore can take advantage of NOMBOR4D.

Our GD Lotto 4D as well as Perdana 4D wagering platforms let you obtain Cambodia 4D and also Perdana 4D. The system is legit and the withdrawal process is straightforward.

To buy Hao Long 4D as well as 4D Perdana online, use these steps:

Step 1: Register a free user account at

Step 2: Login and top up at least RM30 playing credits.

Step 3: Purchase 4D.

Upon purcahse, you will get an online proof of purchase as confirmation. All the best!

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