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Keputusan Damacai Hari Ini | Da Ma Cai LIVE

Da Ma Cai 1+3D
Tarikh: 19/6/2024 (Wed) Beli
First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize

Live Transaction
Member Transaksi Jumlah (RM) Tarikh/Masa
w*****qp Top Up 1,000 21 Jun 2024 3:12AM
j*****uj Cuci 149 21 Jun 2024 3:07AM
6*****kj Cuci 148 21 Jun 2024 3:04AM
m*******2w Top Up 990 21 Jun 2024 3:01AM
2******6s Deposit ke game: Live22 865 21 Jun 2024 2:56AM
o*****xz Top Up 1,300 21 Jun 2024 2:51AM
0******t1 Top Up 990 21 Jun 2024 2:47AM
q******fb Cuci dari game: CMD368 589 21 Jun 2024 2:43AM
t******gg Top Up 950 21 Jun 2024 2:40AM
g*****mc Deposit ke game: Asia Gaming 327 21 Jun 2024 2:37AM

Today's Da Ma Cai Results and FAQ

Are you unable to see the next draw for your Da Ma Cai ticket and afraid of missing out on your earnings? Don't worry, Nombor4D has you covered.

You can now get the latest update on Damacai result today, in a quick and easy to read format.

What is Da Ma Cai?

Designed like a horse race, Da Ma Cai is a unique way to make some money and do good while you are at it.

Prior to the draws and announcement of Damacai 4D result in Malaysia, a designated horse race is assigned, and depending on which horse wins, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes change. But that's not all!

There are 8 transparent drums, made up of 1 horse drum, 6 number drums, and a single bonus drum. The horse drum has the same amount of balls as horses in the race, while the numbered drums have balls marked from 0 to 9.

All proceeds help support education in Malaysia.

When are the lottery draw dates?

Da Ma Cai draws happen every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at approximately 7:00PM. The Ministry of Finance also permits the company to conduct Special Draws, which occur at Tuesday at 7:00PM.

How do I read my Da Ma Cai ticket?

At the top of the ticket is the game type you purchased. On the left hand side, second row, you find the numbers you are assigned. On the right, there is the bet type and amount. You will also see the total amount you paid for your ticket, the draw number, and the date of your draw. Keep your ticket! You’ll need it for getting results!

Ready to win the race?

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