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Keputusan Magnum 4D Hari Ini, Keluaran Magnum Terkini

Magnum 4D
Tarikh: 5/2/2023 (Sun) Beli
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Second Prize
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Live Transaction
Member Transaksi Jumlah (RM) Tarikh/Masa
l*******by Top Up 700 5 Feb 2023 10:31PM
l*******br Cuci dari game: Evolution Gaming 492 5 Feb 2023 10:27PM
x*****dl Top Up 400 5 Feb 2023 10:23PM
9******rw Cuci dari game: Evolution Gaming 947 5 Feb 2023 10:20PM
j*****ne Cuci dari game: Dream Gaming 910 5 Feb 2023 10:17PM
v****g3 Top Up 130 5 Feb 2023 10:12PM
s****ir Cuci 945 5 Feb 2023 10:07PM
a*******ma 4D Bet 6 5 Feb 2023 10:02PM
1***f4 Top Up 250 5 Feb 2023 10:01PM
a*******ma 4D Bet 14 5 Feb 2023 9:57PM

Today's Magnum Results and FAQ

Tired of having to go to the Magnum website and shuffling through tab after tab to find the results of your favourite Magnum lottery game?

On Nombor4D, you can get the Magnum 4D result quickly, without having to spend your time scrolling.

What is Magnum?

Magnum is a fun and easy to play game where you can choose your own four numbers (4-digits) or choose the Lucky Pick.

There are 23 winning numbers in the big draw and three numbers in the small draw.

Depending on where you place on the winning board, the monetary rewards or consolation prizes are sizeable.

When are the Magnum 4d live result draw dates?

There are 3 draw days per week for Magnum lotteries: Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. The special draw happens on Tuesday of selected weeks throughout the year.

Are you ready to change how you play the Malaysian lottery?

Then it's time to get registered. The procedure to sign up for Nombor4D is simple. Just be 18 years of age or older, have an email address and bank account. All your information once you are registered is stored in our secure server. From there, you connect to us, and we help you check your lottery games and receive your earnings.

Winning has never been easier.

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