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Cabutan khas 4D Berikutnya: 25 Jun 2024 (Tue) Selamat datang ke NOMBOR4D. Kami menawar hadiah bayaran yang tertinggi. 24/7 khidmat pelanggan atas talian.Cuci Terpantas. Grand Dragon Lotto & Perdana 4D ada buka tiap tiap hari. Anda boleh beli nombor hari hari.

Keputusan STC 4D Hari ini, Keluaran Sandakan Turf Club Terkini

Sandakan 4D
Tarikh: 19/6/2024 (Wed) Beli
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Second Prize
Third Prize

Live Transaction
Member Transaksi Jumlah (RM) Tarikh/Masa
u******d4 Cuci dari game: Spade Gaming 88 21 Jun 2024 1:41AM
u******yz Top Up 400 21 Jun 2024 1:37AM
j*****ip Deposit ke game: Playtech 639 21 Jun 2024 1:32AM
2*****hq Top Up 950 21 Jun 2024 1:27AM
j******bz Cuci 705 21 Jun 2024 1:24AM
4***xb 4D Bet 462 21 Jun 2024 1:19AM
8******bd Cuci 876 21 Jun 2024 1:15AM
i*******ui Deposit ke game: Micro Plus 385 21 Jun 2024 1:11AM
u*****yb Top Up 900 21 Jun 2024 1:07AM
n***xn Top Up 800 21 Jun 2024 1:03AM

Today's STC 4D Results and FAQ

The Sandakan Turf Club (STC) hosts a number of Malaysian lotteries that have winnings reaching as much as RM3,500 per RM1 bet.

Of course, you're going to want to test your luck in those low stakes, high gain lottery.

But, if you're like most busy people in Malaysia, you might have the time to check the STC 4D result on the draw date.

That's where Nombor4D comes into play.

Nombor4D displays all the popular lotteries draw results, helping you keep track of your winnings and obtaining your prize money without any problems.

What is STC 4D?

STC 4D has a few different games to choose from, like 4D Winning Numbers, 4D Investment, Roll Front or Roll Back, and so on.

However, the premise of most of these games remains the same: place a bet on any 4-digit number and see if it comes up in any of the 23 winning numbers.

It's quick, easy, and can have you rolling in Ringgit in no time if you play the game right.

When is the lottery drawing?

Draws happen at 7:00PM on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays along with other times approved by the Ministry of Finance. The results of the drawings can usually only be seen at the draw premises or directly on the STC website, local newspaper, and STC agencies.

But that's changing. If you use Nombor4D, the STC 4D result live on today, as well as any other bids you had in other popular Malaysian lotteries will be displayed in an easy to read format. Registration is quick, easy, and secure.

Once you're signed up, all you have to do is check in and collect your winnings.

Now that's good luck.

You can even connect with Nombor4D on Facebook!

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