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24 Jan 2023 (Tue)


31 Jan 2023 (Tue)


7 Mar 2023 (Tue)


30 May 2023 (Tue)


4 Jul 2023 (Tue)


29 Aug 2023 (Tue)


31 Oct 2023 (Tue)


26 Dec 2023 (Tue)


4D Special Draw Dates for Year 2023

The 4D Special Draw has been always a hot topic. Lottery players are searching for 4D Special Draw dates so that they wouldn't miss out on placing a bet.

You can find Special Draw dates on each official lottery provider's website.

To make life easier for you, NOMBOR4D has updated a list of 4D special draw dates for the year 2023. This helps you to check all the Special Draw dates at a glance so remember to bookmark this page!

The date lists include:

  • Magnum 4D Special Draw
  • Da Ma Cai Special Draw
  • Sports Toto Special Draw
  • Sabah 88 4D Special Draw
  • Special Cashsweep Special Draw
  • Sandakan Special Draw

The good news is, NOMBOR4D is more than a source of 4D information, you can buy 4D online easily on the same platform. We use SSL to ensure all players' personal information is kept confidential. No one knows that you are buying 4D online.

So, What's so "Special" About Those Special Draws

As the name suggests, Special Draws are special because they launch on Tuesday which has been approved by the government. At this moment, there are 22 Special Draws granted each year.

The goal of Special Draws is to increase government funds.

To give you a bit of its background, the Special Draw was announced in 1999 under the Barisan Nasional (BN) to raise funds during the Nipah virus outbreak.

In the year 2019, the number of Special Draws was cut to 11 followed by only 8 in the year 2020.

The Special Draw is important not only for raising government fund, but also present more opportunities for the 4D players to win cash.

Based on our research, the government has no intention to increase further the number of Special Draw.

While generating more revenue is important, the government has to tackle illegal gambling in Malaysia.

Thanks to NOMBOR4D, you can now check all the updated Special Draw dates and bet safely in Malaysia.

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